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Select from the kitchen to welcome Tet Munchen

Tet atmosphere is pervading everywhere, when spring came, all the family busy cleaning and decorating the kitchen space to create decent, sources added new vitality in the new year.

Ask a question or having to use the kitchen!

Although compliance with the manual but in the process of cooking with kitchen, there are many situations that users dismay. In the following content, we would like to give answers to the most common questions when using the stove.

The reason you choose the kitchen from MUNCHEN

In recent years, the trend for kitchen space consumption of households is being focused on the safety and aesthetic. All equipment is dedicated to this space, kitchen utensils are most interested.

Things to know when to use the kitchen

On the market, the kitchen is considered the most energy-saving stoves. The principle of induction cooker is used to heat FUCO flow directly from the cooking pot, heat transfer efficiency is very high, not around much heat as electric stove so less heat loss.

Opening authorized dealer Royal city Munchen (B2-R6-41)

With the desire to work in the kitchen turned into joy, Munchen strives to bring good products Vietnam with relentless innovation in both design and functionality for users.