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Kitchen from Munchen - Advantages of the G60

Today, with the development of society, the trend is to use the kitchen from the choice of many homemakers because of the elegance, its modern. However, to match the cooking needs of the family is not easy.
On the market today there are many types of stoves from the sizes, different designs, but the kitchen from consumers sometimes still used a whole lot more. By double stove suitable for most households from small family, with small area or a large family, with wide area.
In terms of utility and efficiency cooking stoves from Munchen G60 dominates both by the convenience, the majority of households now use double stove not only because of its layout, but also on the use of the product.

1. G60 Munchen ensure absolute safety

Residual heat warning: During use, the other with the usual kitchen, the G60 features residual heat warning, indicated by the letter "H" on the control panel is still hot stovetop, ensuring is highly secure for users.



Child safety locks: With child lock safety, a housewife can be assured of the protection of children during cooking. Because when activated, the entire control system is hidden so that children will not be able to intervene in the program that is running the kitchen.


2. Munchen G60 offers high efficiency cooking
High-efficiency cooking: Because only the exposed surface of the cookware is heated up when dungbep from, effectively cooking up to 90%, saving 50% of the time and energy compared with the other.
Save one: Time and energy used when cooking with induction stove from the Munchen always reach the most economical. Since the insulating glass ceramic surface makes absolutely no heat is lost to the outside during the cooking process, in conjunction with the advanced technology of the kitchen from Munchen food will be heated faster than Kitchen from normal.
3. G60 Munchen help you to enjoy the amenities of the peak of technology
Most power strips split "1 ~ 20": With technology sharing the power range of kitchen G60 Micro housewife makes cooking feel very comfortable, not worry burnt food because cooking too fast, besides there is technology that dynamically IC5 optimal capacity, saving 17% energy.


The glass is made with special glass ceramic material Schott Céran: Schott glass stovetop Céran - a special glass ceramics, produced in Mainz - Germany, are resistant against sudden temperature shock up to 750 ° C, the bearing capacity, anti-scratch, anti-scratch today's best, cooking time will be faster, the maximum power saving.