Munchen MTR6 steam steamer is safe for your family's health - keeping nutrients & vitamins intact

I. Material:
1. Tritan plastic box:
Product MTR6 autoclave made from Tritan, Tritan plastic is a synthetic resin code 7 - does not contain BPA (BAP Free), carcinogens and other dangerous diseases.
Advantages of Tritan plastic:
Tritan resins are naturally derived and are considered to be the safest of all. Compared to other plastics available on the market, Tritan has many outstanding advantages with the following properties:
Tritan Plastics Some other resins
- BPA free (BPA Free) is absolutely safe, can stimulate the multiplication of breast cancer cells and cause hormone mutations. - As a BPA-containing substance that is easily released when subjected to heat or physical effects.
- Good heat resistance, can withstand temperatures up to 109 degrees C. - Low temperature resistance, usually below 80 degrees C.
- Smooth, transparent, hard to scratch, increase aesthetics. - Easy to scratch, color is not transparent.
- High strength, high strength, hard to break. - Hard but not durable, fragile.
- Completely usable in the microwave without harm; Combined with hot water boiled at 100 degrees c. - It is especially recommended not to use at high temperatures, in the microwave and also in the freezer that is too cold for a long time.
2. Pot body:
The body of the pot is made of stainless steel, this steel is widely used in many fields, stainless steel is present everywhere in your home, from the kitchen, the balcony, the living room to Bedroom. With stainless steel material, the pot body will become extremely durable and will not age quickly because it will not oxidize.
II. Products MTR6:
The MTR6 product is an indispensable steamer for the kitchen fanatics, designed to create comfort. Not only that, the MTR6 autoclave also has other advanced functions to bring comfort to your kitchen.
a. Beautifully designed and comfortable:
The autoclave MTR6 is designed with a compact, beautiful and comfortable appearance. Munchen's 2-stage autoclave is made from Tritan plastic (BPA free) to ensure safety and durability for consumers. Tritan resin is completely safe for consumers with good heat resistance, smooth shine, hard to scratch and does not contain harmful BPA.
Tritan plastic gives consumers insight into the cooking product inside to help the food achieve the desired result.
The pot body is made of high quality stainless steel material to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the device.
b. Simple operation:
The MTR6 steamer has a simple process with a few buttons, with 6 pre-set programs you can steam fish, chicken, boiled vegetables, potatoes with accuracy per second. Ensuring the deliciousness as well as the quality of the dish.
c. Various possibilities during steaming:
With a 2-storey design, the MTR6 autoclave brings comfort as well as saves time for consumers when they can steam a variety of foods in 2 separate compartments. Not only limited to 1 floor per dish, consumers can remove the middle lid and prepare a common dish for the family while ensuring the temperature and deliciousness of the dish while still retaining precious nutrients. prices for the whole family.
d. Save cooking time:
With a capacity of 6l and a capacity of up to 1200W, the MTR6 autoclave will save consumers time when it allows to cook many foods at high capacity.